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SB 323 Heads to the Assembly

Back in April, we alerted you to some changing legislation in Sacramento. Sentate Bill (SB) 323 (last session’s SB 1265) re-emerged to address association elections and provide director qualifications. Just this last week, we learned that SB 323 passed through the...

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Restraining Order Obtained [R|O Court Victory]

R|O litigators successfully obtained a Workplace Violence Restraining Order, brought on behalf of an Association, to protect its management and staff from harassing conduct by one of the residents at the property. Said resident had established a pattern of verbally...

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Dwelling Units

Only a week after the CAI Day at the Capitol, and CLAC was already back to work reviewing newly introduced legislation. Assembly Member Friedman introduced AB 670, which would require associations to allow owners to construct additional dwelling Units on their...

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