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Is It My Parking?

Good morning Mr. Richardson, I discovered a problem with my deeded garage. Long story short my deed does not reflect the garage I was given. I have been fighting to retrieve what I paid for at the beginning. After a unit above my current located garage sold, I lost...

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They Won’t Pay, Now What?

When a homeowner fails to pay their share of the association expenses, the board is duty-bound to pursue the unpleasant but necessary task of compelling the member to pay. The association has three options – small claims court, non-judicial foreclosure and...

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Can’t We Have a Satellite Dish?

Dear Kelly, I am in an HOA of free-standing homes. Our CC&Rs require that satellite dishes cannot be visible from common areas or HOA streets. Yet, several members have installed small dishes, less than 36” across, on their own property, visible from common areas...

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