HOA Homefront is a syndicated weekly column that educates the public on issues pertaining to California residents living in common interest developments, their boards of directors, and community association managers. HOA Homefront is published in over a dozen Southern California newspapers.

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Open Forum: Drudge or Jewel?

The “Open Meeting Act” (Civil Code Sections 4900-4955), requires at Section 4925(b) that all membership meetings and board meetings have a time set aside for members to speak. This time is often called “open forum.” In open forum, a member can speak on topics on or...

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Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Dear Mr. Richardson, Our board is considering banning informal meetings in common areas. To me, this sounds like a violation of the constitutional right of assembly, but are there laws in California that cover this? S.M. Escondido Dear Kelly, I have a question...

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Is This Exclusive Use?

Dear Mr. Richardson, If a club in the HOA wants a locked storage space, is it considered exclusive use? W.S., Escondido Dear W.S., Exclusive use common area is defined by Civil Code Section 4145 as a portion of common area dedicated by the CC&R’s to the use of a...

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Can We Limit Dogs?

Hi Kelly,  Our HOA recently voted to update our CC&R’s. One section prohibits ownership of numerous breeds of dogs that the board considers dangerous. Since California law (Food and Agri. Code 31683) outlaws dog breed discrimination by counties and cities we are...

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