HOA Homefront is a syndicated weekly column that educates the public on issues pertaining to California residents living in common interest developments, their boards of directors, and community association managers. HOA Homefront is published in over a dozen Southern California newspapers.

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Why Governing Documents Matter

Governing documents are critical for HOA communities and are literally the legal glue which holds the association together. Civil Code Section 4150 defines “governing documents” as articles of incorporation, CC&Rs, bylaws, and operating rules, but I think...

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Recalls, Voting

Hello Kelly, I enjoy your column and have learned so much from reading it religiously. I have 2 questions: 1. A petition to recall a board member received sufficient signatures and the recall election was scheduled. The board appointed three homeowner inspectors, each...

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Fair or Unfair Housing

Hi Kelly, I recently read your earlier article on Fair Housing laws being violated by HOAs trying to enforce state-mandated signs that prohibit children from using HOA pool and spa. We have a large sign at the spa in our community pool section stating that...

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