HOA Homefront is a syndicated weekly column that educates the public on issues pertaining to California residents living in common interest developments, their boards of directors, and community association managers. HOA Homefront is published in over a dozen Southern California newspapers.

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Changes in Condominium Lending Rules

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued revisions to its condominium lending rules, effective October 15, 2019. In 2009 HUD began predicating FHA condominium loans on the entire project being approved by meeting certain minimum guidelines. HUD...

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Recall Questions: Part 2

Kelly, Our HOA recently had a total board recall and election. The new (self- appointed) president handed out terms based on votes received, with three two-year and two one-year terms. Our bylaws specify a procedure for the first election, namely drawing of lots to...

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Recall Questions: Part 1

Dear Kelly, In our recent HOA election, one new member was elected but resigned six weeks later. There is an all-out war between the four remaining directors. All business has stopped due to the inability of the four to agree on anything that needs a vote. Homeowners...

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Scaring Off Volunteers

Filling open HOA board seats is a vexing and discouraging problem for some associations. However, there may be some reasons why neighbors are not interesting in serving. Could any of the below describe your association? Volunteer Managers Do directors spend many hours...

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Is It My Parking?

Good morning Mr. Richardson, I discovered a problem with my deeded garage. Long story short my deed does not reflect the garage I was given. I have been fighting to retrieve what I paid for at the beginning. After a unit above my current located garage sold, I lost...

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They Won’t Pay, Now What?

When a homeowner fails to pay their share of the association expenses, the board is duty-bound to pursue the unpleasant but necessary task of compelling the member to pay. The association has three options – small claims court, non-judicial foreclosure and...

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