STOP SB 1265 (Wieckowski) Contact Governor Jerry Brown to veto SB 1265    August 30, 2018

SB 1265 (Wieckowski) if enacted into law will harm California community associations. If passed, the bill will increase the cost and complexity of HOA elections, jeopardize homeowner privacy, and significantly damage the sanctity of the secret ballot. The bill also prevents associations from imposing reasonable eligibility standards on board candidacy – such as a member who has unresolved architectural or disciplinary issues, or is actively suing the association. Many associations require a board member to live in the community, and this also would be outlawed by SB 1265.

SB 1265 passed off the Assembly floor yesterday and the Senate today. It is now headed to the Governor’s office.Please urge Governor Brown to veto this bill. It’s bad for California HOAs.

You can also CALL THE GOVERNOR at 916-445-2841, choose option #6 to speak to a person, and then ask the staffer who picks up for a VETO on Senate Bill 1265. They will ask for your zip code. That’s it. The whole process takes just a few minutes

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